Seeing Africa - Capetown Edition

Sooooo... this is my first blog post! No not ever, I had an African art blog eons ago, but life took over. Actually my fear about starting a blog has always been that I won't be consistent enough to maintain it. But hey, life is short and I have MANY photos that need to be put somewhere, lest they die a slow death on my computer. 

I digress, let me get on with this thing, before I get distracted with something else! So I was invited to Capetown last year for a VR Workshop, super cool stuff it was I tell you! The workshop took place on a vineyard in Stellenbosch, and the landscape and wine were just surreal!

Sarah Waiswa B CT-2.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-3.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-4.jpg

Any time I get invited to somewhere I have never been, I always ask to stay a couple of days after to explore. I decided to take some time do a little sight seeing in the city. The first stop was Lion's Head mountain. My friend Zunaid took me on a hike on the mountain with his wife and daughter. His daughter is like six and hiked up that mountain without even stopping to catch her breath! Meanwhile I was barely alive by the end of it all in my jeans and converse, but the views were all worth it. Who the hell goes on a hike in jeans and converse?! To be fair I didn't think we were going to hike hike.

Sarah Waiswa B CT-6.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-7.jpg

I took a moment to take in the view. But can I just say that vertigo is real! After a few moments of sitting there on the ledge, I started to feel like I was going to jump/fall... point is, this moment didn't last too long. 

Sarah Waiswa B CT-8.jpg

This was the view from my air bnb, in the heart of the city. The view was amazeballs, but the accommodation itself was the worst I have ever experienced! It was dirty AF, and the room was built on the roof of the building, so when that Cape Town wind started blowing, it literally sounded like there was an earthquake outside. ALL NIGHT!

Sarah Waiswa B CT-9.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-10.jpg

I also got to check out my spirit place, Bo-kaap! If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE colour. I literally felt like I was in colour heaven. I wanted to live there, in a yellow house, with my pink car parked outside....a girl can dream right?! 

Sarah Waiswa B CT-11.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-12.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-13.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-14.jpg

My air bnb host offered to drive me around, probably because he knew that accommodation was sub standard. Anyway, I took him up on the offer and came across some more colourful spaces that I loved!

Sarah Waiswa B CT-15.jpg
Sarah Waiswa B CT-16.jpg

All good things must come to an end I suppose. Capetown is SO beautiful! I kind of understand why the colonisers took hold and didn't want to let go! 

Sarah Waiswa B CT-17.jpg